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Consultation & Training

Beyond the therapy room, I provide consultation and training on cultural responsiveness and equity and inclusion. I have offered trainings in nonprofit and mental health agency settings, graduate school classrooms, and conferences to audiences of therapists, students, youth-serving professionals, and teachers. Topics include: 

  • Cultural responsiveness in working with disabled clients

    • Disability and wellness across the lifespan

    • Fostering resilience in youth with disabilities

    • Sexuality and disability

  • Strategies for supporting LGBTQIA youth and their parents

  • Honoring intersectional identity

  • Identifying and responding to microaggressions

  • Strategic planning for equity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Adapting mindfulness skills for children and teens

Contact me with questions about consultation and training opportunities and rates, and check out the testimonials below. 

Consultation & Training: About

As a colleague who has both learned from Parisa’s trainings, and has trained alongside her, I feel qualified to comment both on her engaging, interactive training style, as well as on the in-depth research and thorough preparation she engages in prior to each presentation to ensure that the information she is sharing is accurate, up-to-date, and is specifically geared to the audience with whom she will be training. 

Parisa’s lived experience ensures her use of an intersectional lens when training on a range of topics, including issues of access, marginalization and oppression, and mental and emotional health. Additionally, Parisa has years of professional training and education that ensure her knowledge is based on current research and best practices. This combination of wisdom and knowledge, paired with her genuine warmth and skillful presentation style, solidifies Parisa as the foremost educator in her field.

Jessica, LPC, Senior Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Parisa brings a unique blend of personal and clinical skill and experiences to every presentation that she does, offering opportunities for students to engage with the content and expand their perspectives. She inspires people to openly and honestly discuss complex issues such as systemic racism and intersectionality. A theme across the feedback I receive from students is that Parisa powerfully models how to embrace and stay engaged in uncomfortable conversations.

Deanna, LMFT, Associate Professor

Parisa has become well-known in our community as an expert in the area of serving clients with disabilities.

Laura, LPC, Vice President of Programs

I am very appreciative of this session...soaked in critical thought, reflection and direct technique/skills to apply to my work with students.

Training participant

I heard RAVE reviews from staff about the training!  You were really great!  We loved it!

Pheobe, LCSW, Clinical Director

You are such a strong presenter and I appreciate how much care you take in giving vivid examples, sharing your experience, and dropping all kinds of knowledge!

Training participant

Consultation & Training: Testimonials
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